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Sharing and permissions

As with the previous system, it's possible to share folders with other authenticated users. But now, it's also possible to share single files in both read and write modes!

To share a folder/directory, just right click it and click in Share. This will open the right sidebar with options to create authenticated or public share.

Learn, how to create

Tutorial about CERNBox Share And Auth Share on


Currently, users are not allowed to directly change the ACL's in the unix command-line when in EOSUSER (the storage backend of CERNBox). A CLI interface will be provided in the future.

Permissions inheritance

Shares/public links added to any parent folders will be shown in the People and Links views. This allows a better understanding on why someone has already access to a file/folder.

In the People view, the users given permission on the parent folder will be visible without the option to change their role (viewer/editor) nor the option to remove the share.

In the Links view, all the links will be visible, with the mention that it comes Via <folder name>.

File already accessible via a parent link